Public Notice: No Extensions to BOTC Turks and Caicos Islands Passports

Public Notice


No Extensions to BOTC Turks and Caicos Islands Passports


The Department of Registration and Citizenship in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment hereby advises the general public that, effective immediately, there will be no extensions made to BOTC Turks and Caicos Islands passports to alter the date of expiration of passport books. 


The public is further advised that the issuance of an emergency (limited validity) passport is done so only on the basis of a medical emergency which necessitates travel out of the country and for some government official travel. An application for renewal of, or issuance of, a full validity passport will be required prior to the issuance of the limited validity passport book. The required documents and fees for the issuance of the limited validity passport is the same as that for a full validity passport. 


All holders of BOTC Turks and Caicos Islands passports and/or British Citizen passports are encouraged to ensure that at least six months validity remains on their passport books, and those with a remaining validity period under six months are encouraged to commence the renewal process to ensure that they are not without a valid travel document.



From the Department of Registration and Citizenship in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment

Public Notice


The Department of Registration and Citizenship in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment hereby reminds the general public that all applications for the TCI Status Cards that are  supported by foreign government issued and other official documents must be notarized by the Notary Public of the permanent residence jurisdiction (the issuing country) and verified by an apostille, confirming that the undersigned is a member of the Notary Public in that jurisdiction. The public is further advised that the department will not be accepting affidavits in lieu of birth certificates or other supporting documents.


To assist in the advancement of applications, and to minimize delays, persons are advised to avail themselves of the TCI Status Ordinance which came into effect on April 1st 2016, prior to submission of applications, in order to confirm their eligibility to hold Turks and Caicos Islander status. For further assistance please call our customer service centers on 338-2983 or 338-4121.




The Department of Employment Services in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment hereby advises the general public that persons in receipt of work permits with the "Final Work Permit" notation on same will not be eligible for consideration for renewal of their work permits, as was done in the past.


This measure is a part of the Ministry of Border Control and Employment's ongoing efforts to regularize migrant employment in the Turks and Caicos Islands. While it is not a new policy directive, it is one that was largely not enforced over the years. This renewed focus will ensure that persons on final work permits are transitioned out of the roles that are being understudied by, or otherwise attainable by, Turks and Caicos Islanders. This will also provide the Ministry with a greater measure of control over the ability of migrants to acquire eligibility for other residency and citizenship status. 


The Department hereby further advises employers that there will be increased inspections of establishments throughout the country to ensure that all employment activities are in keeping with the Immigration and Employment laws, and further to ensure that employers are actively engaged in the recruitment, training, and promotion of Turks and Caicos Islanders who are qualified to hold positions that are currently filled by migrant workers.


Persons are encouraged to report any known or suspected activities of unlawful employment to the Employment Services Department or to the Immigration Department by calling (649) 232-3018.





The Turks and Caicos Government is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tito Forbes to the role of Compliance and Enforcement Manager within the Ministry of Border Control and Employment Services.

Mr. Forbes joined the civil service on January 1st, 1997 as a temporary Immigration Officer and a year and a half later was appointed to that same post on 1st September 1998 before being promoted to the role of Senior Immigration Officer in December 2004.

Having shown a strong determination to succeed and to excel within the department, Mr. Forbes was afforded the opportunity to participate in a number of training programs both locally and internationally including:                            

The Personal Safety Training (PST) where Mr. Forbes received a Certificate as a PSP Trainer in the United Kingdom (November 2011). Which consisted of:

  • National Decision Making Model
  • Tactical communication skills
  • Self Defence
  • Technical control skills
  • Edge weapon defence
  • Handcuffing
  • Use of batons

In his new role Mr. Forbes will take on responsibility for the strategic oversight of the Immigration Department's Enforcement Unit with a renewed focus on enforcement and compliance at a time when there are growing concerns about crime and increased instances of work permit abuse by employers and employees.  Mr. Forbes’ role will require him to liaise with other law enforcement agencies in the Turks and Caicos Islands on issues of mutual interest and to lead and assist in directing the Ministry of Border Control's Border Enforcement Team.

In response to his appointment Mr. Forbes said; "I am deeply honoured by this appointment and the ability to serve in this capacity.  I am aware of the challenges of the role and also of the wider issues, but I will do my best to vigilantly serve the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The newly appointed Director of Immigration, Mr. Derek Been commented; “We congratulate Officer Forbes on his new appointment and welcome him to the Immigration Management Team.  The Immigration Department is committed to providing quality immigration services for members of the public and visitors and also to working for the prosperity and stability of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  I am convinced that Officer Forbes excellent work ethics, experience and positive attitude can only add value to the Department and the wider service and I am pleased to have him serve in this capacity."

Deputy Governor Anya Williams stated; "Congratulations is extended to Mr. Forbes on his recent promotion.  He has been a long standing member of the Immigration Department and of the Immigration Task Force, having dedicated over 20 years of service to the Turks and Caicos Government and to this department.  He has over the years proven not only his abilities, but also his sacrifice and dedication to his role, being on call many days and hours to respond to incidents of illegal sloops and other illegal immigration issues and for this we both thank and congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new role."  


Attorney General’s Chambers Appoints New Crown Counsel and Senior Crown Counsel

The Turks and Caicos Islands Attorney General’s Chambers is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Chassidy Swann to the post of Crown Counsel and Mrs. Shayone Handfield-Gardiner to the post of Senior Crown Counsel.


Ms. Handfield-Gardiner who previously held the position of Crown Counsel within the Attorney General’s Chambers, holds a LLB and a recently earned Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Leeds.


Commenting on her appointment Mrs. Handfield-Gardiner said; “I am humbled, yet proud to be working in a country where young women are encouraged to break glass ceilings and take on roles that were once only reserved for middle- aged men. Given the great leadership of our Attorney General, I am delighted to have been appointed as the Senior Crown Counsel in the International Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers.


“Having worked in the Chambers since 2010, it is my earnest desire to continue to contribute to the ever-evolving demands and obligations of the legal industry in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  The law, like any living organism, must change or be updated as our communities improve.  The same way lawyers are meant to continuously update themselves to meet the demands of the legal profession.  It’s against this backdrop that I decided to return to the United Kingdom to read my LLM in International Law.   This provided me with the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills thus making me a greater asset to Chambers. My commitment to the Attorney General’s Chambers and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government remains steadfast.


“The decision to return to school represented a considerable sacrifice of time away from work and my family as well as finances on my part. However, I remain grateful to the Deputy Governor and her team as I was able to receive a $5,000.00 grant from the Professional Development Fund towards the cost of my studies.


“I wish to encourage my colleagues in the Public Sector to continue to explore funding opportunities such as the Professional Development Fund which provides financial assistance to enable you to excel academically in your desired profession.  Your commitment to your education serves also as a testament to your dedication to your personal development and which puts you in a better position knowledge- wise to serve your country.”


Ms. Swann who holds a Diploma with Honours in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH), obtained an LLB from the University of Buckingham in 2010 and in 2012 was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice upon successful completion of the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the Manchester campus of BPP University College. 


During the period 2013-2016, Ms. Swann worked as a Paralegal at Minnis & Company in the Bahamas before joining the Attorney General’s Chambers in September 2016 as a temporary Crown Counsel in the place of Mrs. Handfield-Gardiner who was on study leave at the time and was called to the TCI Bar in July 2017.


Mrs. Handfield-Gardiner having completed her studies in September 2017 has been successfully promoted to the role of Senior Crown Counsel through open competition.  Ms. Swann through open competition has been successfully appointed to permanently replace Mrs. Shayone Handfield-Gardiner as Crown Counsel within the Chambers.


Commenting on her appointment Ms. Swann said; “I am very pleased to have been appointed Crown Counsel (Commercial/Civil) with the Attorney General’s Chambers.  I am confident that I will be able to make a positive contribution to the Chambers and remain grateful for the opportunity to do so.”


Attorney General, Honourable Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles is pleased to have both ladies in her Chambers and said; “I am very pleased to welcome the appointments of Mrs. Shayone Handfield-Gardiner to the post of Senior Crown Counsel and Ms. Chassidy Swann to the post of Crown Counsel.


“Both appointments are part of my efforts at succession planning within my Chambers and these appointments are a testament to the solid work ethic of each counsel and their commitment to professional development.  Shayone having just completed her Master’s Degree in Law and Chassidy having recently been admitted to the TCI Bar (following her in service training in my Chambers) will be valuable assets to the Government in these new roles. Shayone joins the recently established international division and Chassidy joins the commercial division.”


Deputy Governor Her Excellency Anya Williams commended both ladies on their appointments and said; “It is with great pleasure that I take the opportunity to congratulate both Shayone and Chassidy on their appointments.  Shayone has been an ardent worker over the years and I commend her on her decision to upgrade her skills which assisted in her promotion to the role of Senior Crown Counsel.  As she joins the International Division of the Chambers we will certainly miss her advice and guidance in routine TCIG matters, but am certain that she will do well. 


“Chassidy during her short time with us, fully utilized her temporary employment to prove that a permanent place in the Chambers should be made for her and we are happy to have her and will certainly ensure that she is kept very busy!  Congratulations ladies on appointments well deserved!”



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