Public Service Handbook

The Public Service Handbook (PSH) contains Administrative Orders made under the Public Service Ordinance 2012.

Guidelines and Rules for OFFICERS

The PSH provides guidelines and rules on a range of matters that individual officers need to know about. The PSH also has the terms and conditions of employment for all officers. For example in the PSH you can find:

Ø  How to report unethical or illegal conduct

Ø  What might be considered as political activities that are not permitted

Ø  How to protect yourself in making a report about unethical or illegal conduct

Ø  How to make a grievance

Ø  Guidelines on declaring your pecuniary interests

Ø  Policies that affect you such as training and development, performance appraisal

Ø  The amount of leave you can take and how much you can carry over to the next year

Ø  The length of notice that you must give on resignation

Ø  Entitlements for sick leave.

Guidelines and Rules for MANAGERS

As well as knowing about the above, managers must be aware of and use the guidelines and rules to help them manage the staffing in their departments. For example, in the PSH you can find:

Ø  your responsibilities for Health and Safety

Ø  the rules for appointment to the Public Service

Ø  the policy on keeping staffing records

Ø  how you should deal with a grievance

Ø  the critieria that applies to an Acting Allowance

Ø  policy on taking returning students after Study Scholarships

Ø  what to do when an officer exits the Service.


The Public Service Handbook has the following Chapters and Appendices:






 Ethical and Professional Conduct


 Appointments, Promotions and Transfers


 Managing Staffing






 Termination of Appointment






 Other Management Requirements





 Definitions of terms


 Values of the Public Service


 Code of Conduct


 Forms and templates:

-          Gift Register

-          Accident Register

-          Job Description

-          Contract of Employment – Fixed term (available on request)

-          Contract of Employment – temporary (available on request)

-          Selection Panel Form (available on request)

-          Discipline matters (available on request)


 Performance Appraisal Policy


 Training Policy


 Grades and salaries (available on request)


 Grading policy


 Increments policy


 Normal working hours


 Allowances (available on request)


 Subsistence per diem rates


 Vacation leave rates