Office of the Premier and Public Policy

A Message from the Hon. C. Washington Misick Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands for the Christmas Season

My fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders, other residents, guests and visitors to our shores:

Every year we herald the coming of Christmas by the turning on of the lights.  Light does more than create a festive mood.  For us as a Christian nation, Jesus is the light of the world, the gift of salvation.

As we prepare to celebrate this redemptive gift, I encourage you to remember the reason for the season. 

My government and I wish to thank the many who go beyond the call of duty, to contribute to our growth and to enhance, improve and safeguard our people and place.  Especially to those essential workers in the area of healthcare and national security, I pay tribute to you. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

For some, this time of year will bring sadness; some of you may be mourning the loss of a special person.  Families may not have been able to gather in the manner they had hoped.  For some of you, there will be an empty chair at the dinner table or a missing friend who regularly called.  But, as we celebrate Christmas, find a special way to keep the memories of those who passed alive.

During this year, we have had to confront unprecedented challenges of security and violence, which through the collective efforts of government agencies have subsided for now. As we work hard to maintain this moment of calm, we look forward to celebrating a peaceful season with hope.

The Gospel of John chapter one and verse five contains a message of great hope, often read at Christmas time during: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.

Gathering during this time festive time with family and friends, gives us a chance to also think about the year ahead. As we open gifts, sing carols and enjoy our Christmas puddings, I encourage all to remember the less fortunate.  Give generously to charity and the church, so that this holiday season may be a little more special.

The Premier’s Office will be hosting its traditional Christmas parties which will give us an opportunity to mix and mingle in a spirit of camaraderie.  All are invited, we only ask that respect for property decorum be observed.

On behalf of the Government, and my wife Delthia and our family, I wish all across these islands and in the diaspora, a very special, safe and merry Christmas. May God bless you all and may He continue to bless these Turks and Caicos Islands.

Merry Christmas to all!