Office of the Premier and Public Policy


The Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG), in its continued commitment to improve and expand the economy of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is prioritizing the development of the MSME sector through a comprehensive policy with a focus on beach and coastal vendors.  

Given the potential for small business opportunities in the beach and coastal vending sector in recent years, this Government intends to focus on improving the management and regulation of the sector.  

The goal through the development of the Beach and Coastal Vending Policy includes provisions to license legitimate business operators in coastal and beach areas as part of that regulatory framework to effectively and orderly manage all beach and coastal vending in line with our luxury branding.  

We want to make clear: the Beach and Coastal Vending Policy is in no way a ban on the operation of current small businesses however, while the government evaluates the carrying capacity of our coastal areas, a moratorium on new business operations in coastal areas shall come into effect immediately.   

This policy was developed with the best interests of all stakeholders in mind, and the immediate aim is to create a safe and enjoyable interaction with our visitors without diminishing the guest experience or undermining the integrity of brand Turks and Caicos. Through this policy, we will also ensure profitable yields for business owners.  

As it relates to Sapodilla Bay, the Government has conducted a thorough assessment of the beach to ascertain its capacity to facilitate a safe and agreeable level of activity for the general public.  

Initial plans are for the Government to acquire additional land to erect a permanent structure for vendors that will improve the regulation of vending at the Sapodilla Bay beach and provide a more orderly vending experience amidst other beach activities; however, this process will take time.   

In the meantime, TCIG has identified an has identified an area of crown land near the beach and will build restroom facilities, vending kiosks and an appropriate allocation for parking. It has been agreed that as of 1 December 2021 vendors will operate from this location until further notice.   

TCIG recognizes that there are various challenges in the management of this sector and to resolve this we will be developing vending facilities at various sites across the islands as part of our new management regime.