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About Us

The TCIG Publishing Department is responsible for printing and managing all government Department and statutory body documents for the entire TCI.

Mission Statement

The TCIG Publishing Department mission is primarily to print and sell of the Official Gazette and other government publications as well as to cover the printing needs and supply, stationary and other office materials to the Civil Service.

Vision Statement

Strive for continuous improvement while consistently providing new innovations to make your, printing project better and the process more efficient.

Publication Rates

$30.00 Registration of Trade Marks Pending Application.
$75.00 Notice of striking off.
$75.00 Notice of striking off upon liquidation.
$75.00 Notice of change of address of the registered proprietor.
$75.00 Notice of change of name of the registered proprietor.

All of the above notices are $75 per notice up to 3 companies. Exceeding 3 companies it is $5 per company.

$30.00 Notice to restoration to the register (3 Companies – exceeding 3 companies its $5 per company).
$165.00 Trade Marks per page.
$225.00 Physical Planning * (3 Consecutive Runs)
$225.00 Deep Poll * (3 Consecutive Runs)

Any other documents consisting of a full page is $165 per page.



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