The TCIG Publishing Department is responsible for printing and managing all Government Department and Statutory Body documents for the entire Turks and Caicos Islands.
Publication Rates
Registration of Trade Marks Pending Application.
Notice of striking off.
Notice of striking off upon liquidation.
Notice of change of address of the registered proprietor.
Notice of change of name of the registered proprietor.
* All of the above notices are $75 per notice up to 3 companies. Exceeding 3 companies it is $5 per company.
Notice to restoration to the register (3 Companies – exceeding 3 companies its $5 per company).
Trade Marks per page.
Physical Planning * (3 Consecutive Runs)
Deep Poll * (3 Consecutive Runs)
* Any other documents consisting of a full page is $165 per page.


Anika Talbot
Chief Government Printer
Phone: (649) 338-3371
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Phone: (649) 338-3373
Fax: (649) 946-1728


TCIG Publishing Department
Ministry of Government Support Services
Palm Grove, Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands