Message from the Commissioner

I am excited to be a part of a fast modernizing Revenue Department (RD) as we move into the digital age of tax administration.  As such, one of my goals is to modernize the tax Department’s operations by increasing its efficiency and effectiveness and making it easier of our clients to pay their taxes. As we strive to become more client oriented, there are convenient ways available to help our taxpayers/clients meet their tax obligations which can be facilitated via our website. Therefore, we are accommodating and accepting debit and credit cards transaction in our office and transiting towards an e-services platform where persons can transact e-payments and e-registration online. Furthermore, there will be a kiosk stationed in the Revenue Department to meet our clients’ needs at a faster pace.

The Department is responsible for the collection of revenue of various tax types and Business licenses fees for the Government of Turks and Caicos Islands.  Amidst the many increasingly incapacitating factors both locally and globally that continue to impact revenue administration around the world, the Revenue Department continues to strive towards ensuring that revenue generation and sustainability are given the appropriate focus through its strategic and operational plans.

The intension is to grow and develop the Department through reform processes and policies. The focus is to build on gains achieved so far by identifying and correcting issues related to data integrity, amending the organization structure, as well as institutionalizing performance management systems across the Department. These are all aimed at improving efficiency and facilitating the Department’s move towards a modern tax administration. 

Our Department’s goal on a daily basis is to satisfy our clients, by striving to continually upgrade and improve our services to the public. I am confident that the strategic initiatives being embarked upon by the Department will result in the TCI RD becoming a transformed, modern and highly efficient and effective Tax Department.