Welcome to the Department of Social Development

The Department of Social Development is all about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities.

It’s a big job - we’re tackling some of the big issues in society, like family violence.

We’re working towards this through providing:

  • social enhancement aid
  • home help
  • burial assistance
  • meals
  • rent assistance
  • and more...

Mission Statement

To facilitate the development of self-efficiency of our people and communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands thereby reducing dependency on the State, while ensuring the protection of the weak and vulnerable, and doing so in a manner that is effective, sustainable, efficient and fair.

Vision Statement

To become an institution that delivers quality service, in the promotion of sustainable community and personal development, using international best practice, in a professional, environment of collegiality and mutual accountability, where everyone feels welcome and is confident in their capacity to make a meaningful contribution.