House of Assembly Members

Hon. Gordon Burton
Hon. Gordon BurtonSpeaker of the House
Hon. John Jamael Malcolm
Hon. John Jamael MalcolmDeputy Speaker and Elected Member for South Caicos
Hon. Charles Washington Misick, OBE
Hon. Charles Washington Misick, OBEPremier of the Turks & Caicos Islands
Hon. Erwin Jay Saunders
Hon. Erwin Jay SaundersDeputy Premier and Minister of Finance, Investment & Trade

The Government Members of the House of Assembly

Hon. Josephine Olivia Conolly
Hon. Josephine Olivia ConollyMinister for Tourism, Environment, Maritime, Culture, Heritage & Religious Affairs
Hon. Otis Chuck Morris
Hon. Otis Chuck MorrisMinister for Home Affairs, Transportation, Broadcasting, Energy and Utilities and Telecommunications Commission
Hon. Arlington Alexander Musgrove
Hon. Arlington Alexander MusgroveMinister for Immigration & Border Services, Customs, Disaster Management, TCI Port Authority, Civil Aviation & Airport Authority
Hon. Rachel Marshall Taylor
Hon. Rachel Marshall TaylorMinister for Education, Labour, Employment & Customer Service
Hon. Jamel Rayan Robinson
Hon. Jamel Rayan RobinsonMinister of Physical Planning & Infrastructure Development
Hon. Shaun David Malcolm
Hon. Shaun David MalcolmMinister of Health & Human Services
Hon. Akierra Mary Deanne Missick
Hon. Akierra Mary Deanne MissickElected Member for Leeward & Long Bay
Hon. Samuel Ernest Been
Hon. Samuel Ernest BeenElected Member for Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hills
Hon. Matthew Timothy Stubbs
Hon. Matthew Timothy StubbsElected Member for The Bight
Hon. Randy Dexter Howell
Hon. Randy Dexter HowellElected Member for Blue Hills
Hon. Kyle Knowles
Hon. Kyle KnowlesElected Member for Wheeland

The Opposition Members of the House of Assembly

Hon. Edwin Andre Astwood
Hon. Edwin Andre AstwoodLeader of the Opposition

The Appointed Members of the House of Assembly

Hon. Jameka L. Williams
Hon. Jameka L. WilliamsGovernment's Appointed Member
Hon. Alvin Garland
Hon. Alvin GarlandOpposition's Appointed Member
Hon. Harold Charles
Hon. Harold CharlesGovernor's Appointed Member
Hon. Willin A. Belliard
Hon. Willin A. BelliardGovernor's Appointed Member

The Attorney General

Hon. Rhondalee M. Braithwaite-Knowles, OBE, KC
Hon. Rhondalee M. Braithwaite-Knowles, OBE, KCAttorney General
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