Office of the Premier and Public Policy


Her Excellency the Acting Governor, Anya Williams, chaired the 18th meeting of Cabinet on Wednesday 21 July 2021 at the Office of the Premier on Providenciales. 

All members were present with the exception of the Hon Minister for Physical Planning and Infrastructural Development.

At this meeting Cabinet:

Approved amendments to the Arriving Passengers Health Clearance Regulations with effect from Wednesday 28 July, to include professionally administered Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests (RT-PCR); Nucleic Acid Amplification tests (NAA); RNA or molecular tests; and Antigen tests for entry to the TCI. Members also agreed for the testing window to be reduced from five to three days of the travel date. 

Noted a paper on the increase in fraudulent PCR tests results from Haiti and agreed on a moratorium on the issuance of entry visas for persons traveling from Haiti until 31 October 2021. 

Approved amendments to the Public and Environmental Health (Covid-19)  (Control Measures) Regulations 2021 to include members of the TCI Regiment on the list of essential workers for the purpose of official work outside of curfew hours and to give effect to the mandatory vaccination policy. 

Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of TCI and Marathon Group Limited to enter into negotiations for a Development Agreement to construct a mixed-use development project in the Leeward Going Through area on Providenciales. 

Approved the variation of terms to a 2006 Development Agreement between the Government of TCI and Sandy Point Investors Limited allowing for the development of a new mooring facilities at Bellefield Landing, North Caicos. 

Approved the reallocation of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Ordinance (MSME) funds to cover administrative cost related to the MSME program.  

Approved the allocation of funds for the employment of an Executive Administrative Assistant for Invest Turks and Caicos. Members also discussed the appointment of a CEO and agreed next steps. 

Approved the allocation of funds for the employment of a qualified in-house account for Invest Turks and Caicos. 

Approved an application for a business license in a restricted business activity for Fresh Farms Produce, Whitby, North Caicos. 

Approved the renewal of BK Partners LTD (Casablanca Casino) License for a further period of period of 10 years. 

Approved a policy effective 1 September 2021:  

  1. banning the importation of vehicles into the country older than 10 years, and  
  2. reducing the Customs Tariffs across all bands for all vehicles (except electric and hybrid vehicles) by 25%. 

Approved effective 1 September 2021, an importation ban on used and rethreaded tires for motor vehicles, with the exception of heavy equipment, and a reduction of Customs Tariffs by 25% on new tires.  

Approved a Mineral Extraction and Emergency Dredging Policy (2021) with a particular focus on sand mining, emergency dredging of navigational lanes, and empowering the Ports Authority to intervene on emergencies related to dredging. 

Approved the issuance of a Mineral License to Provident Ltd. as per PR 14711 – Provident Canal Excavation (widening) and in relation to The Strand development (Cooper Jack Bay, Providenciales) 60721/122-126 subject to a review and acceptance of an environmental impact assessment. Members also agreed on the development of an overarching Environmental Policy. 

Approved the waiving of rent arrears from 2015 through to March 2021 for vendor rentals at the Cultural markets on both Grand Turk and Providenciales, and approved a new Cultural Market Policy 2021, seeking to improve compliance, for review in six months’ time. 

Approved a settlement agreement between the Government and a private individual as compensation for personal injury whilst carrying out government work. 

Noted interim and final reports on the development of a framework for the establishment of a Multisector Public Utilities Regulatory Authority covering electricity, water and sewage, petroleum and telecommunications utilities. Members also approved the drafting of the legislative framework that will give effect to the Multisector Authority. 

Approved the appointment of James Fulford as a Member (ECA) of the Electricity Board for a period of two (2) years ending 31 March 2023. 

Approved the commencement of Phase Three ‘Return to Domestic Competition’ for all sports and Phase Four, return to cross border competition for all sports with effect from 23 July 2021. 

Approved a new policy to extend the current bond deferral for medical students from two years to a maximum of five years.  

Approved amendments to the TCI Community College Ordinance to reflect the organizational restructuring previously approved by the Cabinet.  

Approved the issuing of a license to the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority (TCIAA) over a part of parcel 60603/57 on Providenciales for the purpose of establishing a control tower and fire station together with supporting amenities such as a parking area and security booth.  

Approved the issuing of a license to the Turks and Caicos Islands Airport authority (TCIAA) over a portion of parcel 20313/47 on South Caicos for the purpose of constructing a temporary air terminal to facilitate offices, storage, restrooms and check baggage area. 

Were updated on an official visit by the Ministry of Immigration and Border Services and the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development to the Dominican Republic, New York, and Bermuda, as part of the redevelopment plans of the Providenciales International Airport. 

Discussed the issue of private land burials and agreed on next steps. 

Discussed issues relating to the airport in Providenciales around passenger experience and current vacancies in the TCIAA. 

Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.