Mission Statement

The Ministry of Border Control and Labour’s mission is to secure the borders of the Turks and Caicos Islands, to enable people who bring benefits to the Islands to visit, work and live here lawfully, to enforce the law firmly and fairly, to confirm legitimacy and identity, and to issue permanent status and citizenship to those who meet the criteria.

Hon. Mr. Vaden Delroy Williams
Hon. Mr. Vaden Delroy WilliamsMinister of Border Control and Labour

The Ministry of Border Control and Labour was set up in 2009, bringing together under one Ministry the Immigration Department; Labour Department; Immigration Services Unit; and Department of the Registrar General. Towards the end of 2010/11 the Ministry reviewed all aspects of its services, and the context and challenges it faced, alongside the Public Service Reform programme. In 2011 it embarked on an ambitious change programme, which continues.

Following a Public Service Reform Review in 2011, the Ministry of Border Control and Labour was restructured into three Departments:

  • Border Control and Enforcement;
  • Employment Services; and
  • Registration, Permanent Status and Citizenship.

These three Departments administer all decisions and actions under the Immigration Ordinance and Regulations; relevant sections of the Employment Ordinance;  the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Ordinance; relevant sections of the Marriage Ordinance and Adoption Ordinance; and relevant laws on oaths, deeds and debentures.

The Ministry has set up a single front office, the “one stop shop” so that all customers can bring any query or application for any of the  immigration, citizenship, registration or document services provided by the Ministry and its Departments to one place, and be confident of being dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. It our hope that in short order it should no longer be possible, or necessary, to contact an individual member of staff within the Ministry or its Departments to make an application or chase progress.

The Ministry is responsible for sponsoring three statutory bodies: the Immigration Board, which oversees permission to work and reside temporarily in the Islands; the Immigration Appeals Tribunal; and the Labour Tribunal.

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