1. Office of the Minister

Objective: To provide strategic leadership and guidance through the development of policies and laws that are clear and progressive, to focus on the customer by transforming the way we deliver services, to work in collaboration with other agencies to accomplish common national goals and to develop staff and provide resources to enable them to fulfil operational mandates.

2. Immigration Department

Objective: To better protect the borders, as well as the economic, cultural and social environment of the Turks and Caicos Islands by ensuring that only persons with legal rights to visit, reside and work are able to do so in accordance with the relevant laws of the country.


  1. Residence Permit – Investor, Home Owners, Independent Means and Spousal
  2. Visitors Visas
  3. Visitor Visas Extension
  4. Enforcement of Laws & Policies
  5. Detention Center
  6. Repatriation of Illegals and Detainees
  7. Grant leave to enter to residents and visitors.
3. Registration and Citizenship

Objective: To create and manage the vital records of all residents, register all life events, and provide secure identity documents in accordance with the Turks and Caicos Islands laws and Ordinances.


  1. TCI National Status Cards
  2. Belonger Status by Grant
  3. Belonger Status By Spouse
  4. Passports (BOTC)
  5. Deed Poll
  6. Marriage License
  7. Bill of Sales
  8. Permanent Resident Certificate
  9. Naturalization (BOTC)
  10. Registration (BOTC)
  11. Marriage Certificates
  12. Apostil
  13. Travel Documents
  14. Power of Attorney
  15. Birth Certificates
  16. Death Certificates
  17. Registration of Birth
  18. Registration of Debentures
  19. Registration of Adoption
  20. Wills and Probates
  21. Deeds Search
4. Employment Services

Objective: To attain full employment of legal residents and ensure the availability of required skills in the labour market to support economic growth.


  1. Work Permits
  2. Labour Clearance
  3. Temporary Work Permits
  4. Appeals Board
  5. Work Place Inspections
  6. Unemployment Registration
  7. Conciliation and Mediation of employee/employer disputes
  8. Search of Records (Work Permits)

In addition, within this Department, there are two (2) Statutory Boards: The Work Permit Board (divided into two (2)) and the Immigration Appeals Tribunal / Board.

5. Coastal Radar

Objective: To improve National and border security by Monitoring detecting and providing continuous update of the Maritime domain. Providing updated on all Maritime threats to enable enforcement agencies to Coordinate and respond in a timely manner.


  1. Monitoring of maritime activities and detection of illegal threats.
  2. Provide updates to Maritime agencies responding to Maritime threats, search & rescue and other Maritime Incidents.
  3. Monitors Marine frequency 24hr, providing assistance to all Vessels entering, leaving the Islands, and on international voyages.
6. Labour Tribunal (Quasi Government)

Objective: To review administrative decisions and ensure that employers' and employees' rights and responsibilities are considered and decided in a manner that is fair, just and timely and in accordance with the laws of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


  1. Ensure Employees’ and Employers’ rights through court proceedings.
  2. Education and Community Outreach on the Employment Ordinance.
7. Customer Service

Objective: To deliver reliable & effective customer service to all through efficient service delivery. Ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience during the submission and vetting process of all applications submitted to the Ministry Immigration, Citizenship, Labour and Employment Services.


  1. Facilitate movement of products / services between Departments and Customers.

To the general public please note the Ministry of Immigration, Citizenship, Labour and Employment Services is here not only to fulfill its Mission and various Objectives but to serve you in the most respectful and cordial manner.

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