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Crown Land Unit Mission Statement

The Crown Land Unit will ensure that Crown land holdings in the Turks and Caicos Islands are managed so as to provide sustainable long-term benefits to all TC Islanders. This will be achieved through the efficient, transparent and equitable management of Crown land in accordance with the Crown Land Policy and Crown Land Ordinance. The Crown Land Unit is also responsible for the management of unallocated lands and lands held under existing Conditional Purchase Leases in accordance with the policy and regulations.

About Us

  • Provide transparent and equitable access to Crown Land through the implementation of new allocation procedures.
  • Increase the pace of land delivery to meet to build confidence in the service provided by the Department.
  • Standardise operational procedures through the development of a manual of procedures.
  • Maintain a public register detailing allocations, including the purchase price, rent and any other applicable fees.
  • Improve and modernize records management system for better policy formulation and decision-making.
  • Increase revenue by developing a strong base for the collection of Crown land rents.
  • Act to resolve unauthorized occupations giving priority to situations with significant social, environmental or revenue implications.

Crown Land Administration and Management Services:

  • policy formulation for management and administration of land
  • allocation of Crown land for various purposes
  • approval for extensions of lease, change of user and subdivision schemes
  • processing and issuance of land titles
  • generation and collection of land revenue and other charges
  • documentation and protection of public lands
  • provision of up-to-date land information

Core Functions

The Crown is responsible for the administration and management of all Crown Lands including;

  • Allocation and divestment of Crown land by sale, lease, license, easement, etc.
  • Management of Leases/Licenses including, renewal/ extension, variation, surrender, termination, rent collection, etc.
Crown Land Commercial Application