Crown Land Policy

The Government introduced a new Crown Land Policy for the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2011. The policy sets out new measures to improve transparency, accountability and responsibility in relation to Crown land management. Click here to view the Crown Land Policy.

Crown Land Ordinance

Following on from the introduction of the 2011 Crown Land Policy, a new Crown Land Ordinance was enacted in 2012 that sets out the principles of Crown land management and how the policy works in practice. Click here to view the Crown Land Ordinance.

Inventory Maps

The Government remains committed to providing the public with as much information as possible concerning the management of Crown land. Crown Land Inventory maps are now being produced to increase transparency and public awareness. Click here to view the Inventory Maps.

Allocation Register

The Government maintains a Crown Land Allocation Register, produced by the Crown Land Unit. The register sets out information in relation to Crown land that has been allocated by way of grant or lease to private individuals or corporations.

The Crown Land Allocation Register is a working document and will be updated as necessary. It is important to realise that, due to inconsistent record keeping in the past, many Crown land allocations may not be included the register. As resource and opportunity allows, other historical allocation records will be added to try to form as complete a record as possible. New allocations will also be added as they arise.

The Crown Land Unit is encouraging everyone to help with this process. If your name, or the name of your company, has been included in error in this register then, in the first instance, please let the Crown Land Unit know in writing in order that the error may be corrected. Similarly, if you have not been included in the register but have been the recipient of Crown land, or if there is an error in the spelling of your name, please inform the Crown Land Unit in writing.

Conditional Purchase Lease

Conditional purchase leases have been discontinued since the commencement of the Crown Land Ordinance. This has been replaced by direct allocation of long leasehold or straight to freehold options instead. Notwithstanding this, holders of a current and expired conditional purchase leases still have the opportunity to apply to purchase their freehold titles, or acquire a long lease, or renew the lease for an additional two years or surrender the lease. Click here to view the Conditional Purchase Lease.