Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To effectively maintain, improve and distribute reliable land information and to support the Turks and Caicos Islands’ (TCI) land registration system with an aim to accurately map and produced maps all land parcels within the TCI whilst maintaining an accurate account of all mutations/subdivisions.

Vision Statement

To be the leading land surveying and mapping agency within the region, delivering the highest standard of professional service to the public, whilst attracting, developing and retaining best talent in the industry.

Core Values

  • Honesty is at the heart of our operations and we are committed to remain straightforward and truthful to our clients and stakeholders.
  • Ethics and integrity are second nature to our department, as we build and maintain relationships on the basis of trust, openness and transparency.
  • We promise to consistently deliver the highest standard of service to our clients and stakeholders and to respond clearly and directly to all land surveying and mapping related matters to the best of our ability and without delay.
  • Teamwork is an important aspect of our operations, as we partner with internal and external entities to improve service delivery to the general public.