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Survey and Mapping


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Survey and Mapping

The Survey and Mapping Department (SMD) is a sub-department of the Lands Division that operates under the Attorney General’s Chambers and is the National Surveying and Mapping agency for the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

The department is responsible for the standardization and production of all Surveying and Mapping activities and the maintenance of the national cadaster and the country’s geodetic network. The department comprises of two (2) functional arms, a Survey section and a Mapping section, both of which are regulated by the Land Survey Ordinance and the Land Survey Regulations. The department’s functions are also guided by the Strata Titles Ordinance, the Land Acquisition Ordinance, the Crown Land Ordinance, the Physical Planning Ordinance and the Registered Land Ordinance.

Mission & Vision Roles & Objectives

Survey & Mapping Department Directors

Wayneworth G. Hamilton
Wayneworth G. Hamilton Director

Wayneworth has over 20 years of experience in land surveying in Jamaica. He has an impressive list of completed projects.

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Gervin Simmons
Gervin SimmonsAsst. Director Surveys

Gervin Simmons has been an employee with the Survey & Mapping Dep't. over a career period that spans for over 18 years.

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James Fritz
James FritzDeputy Director

James Fritz has been an employee with the Survey & Mapping Dep't. over a career period that spans for over 28 years.

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Demarco Williams
Demarco WilliamsAsst. Director Mapping

Demarco Williams has been formally educated in the TCI where he satisfactorily completed a Certificate program in Computer Applications.

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National Surveying and
Mapping Agency for TCI

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