The Mission of Ministry of Education as stated in the National Scholarship Policy

At the tertiary education level, is to promote excellence through the development of a cadre of highly skilled and intelligent professionals, technicians and artisans to meet the present and future demands of a progressive economy, through effective and efficient means.

Main Objective of the Scholarship Secretariat

Assist scholarship recipients with their transition to tertiary education to enable  students to be productive citizens.

To achieve our objectives the Scholarship Secretariat :

  • Annually announce scholarship opportunities available both locally and internationally via  Government Internet Service and other media outlets.
  • Prepare Application files for applicants for the Education Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Ensures  all required information received from applicants are accurate, to be presented to the Education Advisory Board and will follow up on any    outstanding information from applicants that board members deems as needed before they can reach a decision.
  • Once  a decision is received from the Education Advisory Committee, Secretariat Unit Scholarship Officers will prepare response letters for  distribution to applicants.
  • Scholarship Secretariat Unit will respond to queries on the status of an applicant’s application, notifying all applicants via press release, telephone and email to collect their response letters.
  • The Secretariat Unit once a scholarship is awarded will  prepare bond agreements to be signed prior to departure and make travel arrangements for new awardees.
  • Secretariat unit will process tuition, accommodations and subsistence payments to all students both local and international in a timely manner. (Payment periods are per semester for international awardees and per month local awardees.)
  • The Secretariat Unit will liaise with students, parents and institutions via emails, telephone calls, zoom, micro team meetings or submit letters on students behalf on scholarship matters such as tuition and accommodation payments, grades and matters relating to students wellbeing at institutions.
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