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Human Resource Management Directorate

Who We Are

The Human Resource Management Directorate works under the Deputy Governor's Office to provide HRM services to the Ministries and agencies in the TCI Public Service.

What We Do

Human Resource Management Directorate works with Ministries and other agencies by providing guidance and support in all matters related to staffing, including among other things, the following:

  • Workforce Planning: staffing requirements; organisational structures; analysing jobs; writing job descriptions; grading jobs.
  • Attraction, recruitment and selection: advertising jobs; attracting applicants; assessment and selection processes; appointment and employment; liaising with Public Service Commission.
  • Employment: employment contracts; terms and conditions including leave; promotion; employment records and job letters; advice on Public Service Ordinance and Public Service Handbook; grievance management support; policy advice.
  • Induction and orientation: organisational induction; regulatory induction.
  • Performance: performance appraisal scheme; disciplinary management support.
  • Training and Development: training courses; online training; assessing training needs; competency development; career development and succession planning.
  • Remuneration: pay and grading system; salary and allowance packages.
Where We Are

HRM Directorate, Church Folly (opposite Cees)
Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands

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