Frequently Asked Questions
What is needed to Register a Vessel?
  • Application to register
  • Declaration of Eligibility / Ownership
  • Original Documents of Title/Ownership - Builder's Certificate/ Bills of Sale.
  • Certificate of Survey and Tonnage Measurement issued by one of our

Classification Societies. If the vessel is 24 metres or over in Load Line Length an International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69) is required

  • Certificate of Incorporation (if a company is applying)
  • Initial Registration fee: (Available on request, from Registry)
  • If the ship is coming off a foreign register the deletion certificate which must also indicate the last owner of record.
  • If ship coming off a Red Ensign Register the Closed Transcript and copy of original Certificate of Survey/Tonnage Certificate
  • Any documents that are used to support an application and are in a foreign Language must be accompanied by a notarized translation into English language and it must be certified as correct by a notary public
  • All applications must be accompanied with the appropriate fee. We can supply all the necessary forms at the Registry. When you apply to register your vessel, please provide a list of proposed names in order of preference. A list of fees and charges for registration are also available at the Registry.
  • In the case of vessels whose beneficial owners do not reside in the TCI, a local Representative Person (RP) must be appointed. This appointee may be either a Body Corporate or an individual.

Pursuant to our “Know Your Customer” principles, a form entitled ‘Undertaking to Act as Representative Person’ (RP), to be completed by RP and submitted with every application.