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Welcome to the Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources Management

Welcome to the Turks and Caicos Island Government (TCIG) Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources Management . As a Government department in the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Disaster Management, Heritage, Gaming and Maritime, we strive to continue the excellent legacy set by the Ministry in every conceivable way for the Government and People of the Turks and Caicos Islands. As you may be aware, the islands have a deep and meaningful maritime history of which the TCI people are extremely proud. So understand that if you are already a boat owner or planning to be a boat or ship owner under our flag, you do this with a view of continuing the proud traditions already set by the fore fathers of this great island nation.

This financial year has started in earnest with the department introducing this new website to the people of the TCI and the world. We are upgrading every conceivable aspect of our maritime heritage to show the world that we are indeed an island not only deep in maritime history and tradition, but serious about our shipping legacy and its high levels of maritime activity. We are committed from this year onwards to improving on the high ideals that we hold dear to our hearts. These ideals will be driven by the Department to ensure that the TCI fishiries and marine community and the rest of the world knows that TCI may be small in size, but great in delivering on maritime excellence.

Notable features for our 2022-2023 financial year includes:

  1. The introduction of a new Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources Management website;
  2. The upgrade of the TCI British Shipping Registry;
  3. The creation of a maritime policy for the TCIG and its People;
  4. The formulation of easier communications links between the maritime community and the maritime administration body of TCI;
  5. The recruitment of new office staff for the Department; and
  6. The involvement of the Department in the maritime sporting activities happening across the length and breadth of the TCI.

As a result of everyone’s hard work and dedication thus far, the department is poise to enjoy what I believe will be one of the most significant years in its history. It gives me great pride and pleasure to thank our Minister, Ministerial Staff and Departmental Staff for their commitment to a most stimulating and exciting future for all of us associated with the Department of Fisheries & Marine Resources Management .

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