The Energy and Utilities Department is looking for a PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR


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Job Title

Project Administrator (PA)


TCI Multi-Sector Legislation

Contracting Authority

Energy & Utilities Department, TCI

Immediate Supervisor

Mr. Delano R. Arthur – Energy & Utilities Commissioner

Date of Issue

August 24th 2023

Date of Deadline

September 15th 2023


Twelve (12) months

To Apply

Individual consultants and/or firms are invited to apply for this opportunity:


Request for Consultancy Services:

1.      Technical Proposal inclusive of the following:

2.      Cover letter/overview of the consultant

3.      Curriculum Vitae

4.      References of previous work completed that is similar to the TOR

5.      Contact information for three (3) references.

6.      Detailed Hourly Rate for the works outlined in the TOR


Please send any clarification questions and proposal submission to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands is seeking to improve its socio-economic standing that is outlined in a national vision that provides guidance and strategies for the effective operation of its public sector.

The Energy & Utilities Department was created to provide regulatory governance for the energy, petroleum, telecommunications, water and sewage utility providers. The creation, modification and adaptation of legislation and policies provides compliance oversight of the sector and a pathway to achieving the 2040 vision of the TCI Government.

The regulation of the utility sector will also consider the future state of global trends by identifying new technologies and methodologies to improve and sustain the country's competitive standing.


The Energy & Utilities Department and TCI Government will require support in creating Regulatory Utility Agreements along with a multisector framework for all regulated utilities. The project will focus on researching, drafting and fully executing a framework that will provide a transparent and comprehensive level of utility standards within the defined legal ordinances for its customers.  

By extension, the implementation of a Regulatory body (name to be determined) outlined in the framework will be established to provide strategic governance and compliance for the sector. This project when actioned, will require a strong Project Administrator with knowledge of utility and regulatory functions to provide daily oversight and management of the project for it to be a success.

In collaboration with the Financial Consultant (FC) and Regulatory Legal Advisor (LA), the objective will be achieved through proper documentation and review of the below tasks;

  1. Establish the process for recruiting and onboarding new project team members.
  2. Develop correspondences as required to individual consultants and firms to coordinate their work to ensure that the objectives of their consultancies are tracked and met.
  3. Support the implementation of activities within project implementation plans in accordance with assigned budgets and schedules.
  4. Ensure effective coordination and communication between relevant stakeholders and the reporting of results.
  5. Review of current TCI legislation, regulations, and utility licenses and providing a summary of findings and recommendations.
  6. Review of Kairos consultant proposal and next steps scenarios.
  7. Review of Utility business operations.
  8. Review of best practices and other utility frameworks in the region.
  9. Provide recommendations to the TCI government regarding amendments, modifications or creation of legislation and administrative services required to achieve its mandate.
  10. Assist with drafting laws, regulations and statutes required to establish the regulatory framework and institution by providing keen utility business recommendations and verbiage.
  11. Leverage a change management methodology, process and tools to create a strategy to support the adoption of the changes brought about by proposed legislation.
  12. Conduct impact analyses, assess change readiness, and identify key stakeholders.


    • Provide a detailed Workplan for the project
  • The Project Administrator (PA) will coordinate with the LA and FC to provide the Energy & Utilities Department with a detailed work plan and deliverable deadlines for the project.
    • Project documentation management
  • The PA will serve as the documentation controls specialist for the project and will provide reports, analysis and recommendations from the team to the Commissioner. The PA will also be responsible for drafting communications and any other administrative requirements as needed by the Commissioner.
    • Review & documentation of current Electricity Ordinance Act areas of concern
  • The (PA) in conjunction with the LA and FC will conduct and document a thorough review of the Electricity Ordinance Act and all other legislations applicable to the utility sector inclusive of the utility licensee agreements.
    • Review the current state of utility financials and operations
  • The PA will assist the FC by drafting an analysis of the audited financial statements and business operations of all regulated utilities.
    • Review of Regional Regulatory Frameworks
  • The PA will document the most relevant regulatory agreements in the region and provide an analysis of lessons learnt, best practices, and how the TCI government should move forward based on recommendations from the LA and FC.
    • Provide regulatory objectives for customer deliverables
  • The PA and FC will work together to provide recommendations on new and modified customer standards and deliverables for all Utilities.
    • Provide administrative & business strategic support to EUD Commissioner
  • The PA will offer strategic administrative counsel and support regarding utility regulatory reporting and oversight, regulatory contracts and definitions, and review/prepare correspondence for the regulated utilities.
    • Quality of service review
  • The PA and FC will review and clarify the current allocation of utility responsibilities as it relates to quality and customer service standards - monitoring, reporting and enforcement of those standards and best practices. Review of customer and operations reports to identify areas of improvement and develop sanctions for non or poor performance.
  • To assist EUD with the formation of a Regulatory Utility Agreement between selected Utilities, the Government and the new regulatory body.
  • To assist EUD with the reviewing and drafting of the Utility Mulitsector Policy and Language.
  • To assist EUD with reviewing, drafting and implementing the Utility Mulitsector Legislation.
  • The PA will be an integral member of the team whose sole responsibility is to capture the review, analysis and recommendations provided by the team and to track and assist in the implementation of change management with various stakeholders.

The PA will work closely with the FC and LA to provide an in-depth work plan with due dates to ensure synchronization between all parties and the scope of work outlined by the Energy & Utilities Department.


The project is expected to last approximately Twelve (12) months. Extension of the contract will be considered based on need, and performance of the consultant.


The EUD recognizes that the PA will collaborate with the Regulatory Framework LA and FC  to achieve the objectives outlined in section 2. The EUD will also provide support and resources as necessary to assist the team with requested documentation and guidance during the review process. It is also understood that from time to time the team will coordinate/liaise with the Attorney General’s office and local counsel during the review process.

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Public Policy or business-related field.
  • A minimum of (ten) 10 years of utility and/or Regulatory professional experience with an understanding of regulatory standards, utility risk management and compliance requirements.
  • Ability to work under pressure, multi-task and manage day to day tasks of the project to ensure successful completion.
  • Ability to strategize, problem-solve and provide sound business recommendations.
  • The Ability to understand the change management process and managing relevant stakeholders
  • Ability to adapt to dynamic environments and work effectively with others in a team setting.
  • Proficient in the use of project management techniques and/or software is an asset.
  • Excellent verbal, analytical, organizational, written, and critical thinking skills with presentation and facilitation skills.
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