Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

“Consumer Protection is Everybody’s Business”

Consumer Rights

The Consumer Protection Ordinance (Ordinance 37 of 2016) was passed by the Turks and Caicos Islands House of Assembly in 2016 and was later amended in 2019. The objective of the Ordinance is to make provision for the protection of consumer interests in relation to the supply of goods and services in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Consumer Protection Ordinance outlines, inter alia, measures to ensure consumer safety; the duties of providers to consumers; misleading and deceptive conduct, false representation, and unfair business practices; the enforcement mechanism; and the functions of the Consumer Protection Appeal Tribunal. The Consumer Protection Ordinance can be accessed here:

As the institutional guardian of consumer rights, the Department of Trade, Industry, and Fair Competition is tasked with ensuring the rights of consumers, fair trade, competition, and the dissemination of accurate information in the marketplace.

Consumer Responsibilities

Consumers should:

Be aware of their rights under the Consumer Protection Ordinance (which includes the right to complain)

Be aware of the quality and safety of goods and services before they are purchased.

Gather all available information about a product or service.

Make smart independent choices about needs and wants.

Complain fairly and honestly to businesses, DTIFC and other consumers of dissatisfaction with a product or service.

Respect the environment when consuming goods and services to avoid waste, littering and pollution.

Ensure that proof of purchase is received when goods and services are purchased.

Department of Trade, Industry and Fair Competition

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