Food Hygiene 

Food Handlers Program

Our mission is to protect the health of the Turks and Caicos Islands by ensuring that food service establishments are in compliance with the respective laws while providing education to consumers.

Food Handler Cards / Tests

All food handlers are required by the Turks & Caicos Islands law to possess either a valid food handler card issued by the Environmental Health Department food handler training course or an approved food handler training school.

Upcoming Food Handler Class

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Food Handler Card Renewals

Food handler cards are valid for 2 years. To renew your card, you must complete a full 3 hour training course and pass an exam provided by one of our approved food handler training courses or schools. If you lose your card during the 2 years since you passed the exam, you must contact the training school to purchase a replacement card (your expiration date will still reflect your initial exam passing date), or you must retake a full 3 hour training course and pass the exam again to be issued a new food handler card. Should you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Health Department (649) 338-2143.

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