Apparent from the recent customer satisfaction survey was the fact that customers were anxious to see the implementation of new services.

The Land Registry has plans to provide its customers with electronic forms and corresponding guidance notes for sale. An express service is also being explored where documents will be registered within a 48 hour turnaround time at a cost.

The establishment of a sub-office in Providenciales is also being explored to facilitate the customers and the wealth of business that emanates from that island.

As part of the process to digitize the information at the Registry and automate the services provided, two new Land Registry Clerks positions have been created to assist. In addition, new scanners and computers have been procured to start the process.

Staff members will benefit from more training initiatives. In June 2015, advanced training in land registration and conveyancing training will be undertaken. Staff members will also benefit from training at the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College in team building and business writing.

In the long run, the plan is for the Land Registry to have an electronic platform on which its resources and information can be stored and sold. Eventually, this will be made accessible to the public who can purchase documents and request services on line leading to e-registration.

In time, customers will be able to make payments at the Land Registry and submit documents for registration simultaneously.

A new and improved website is also being developed to give information about the Land Registry and provide its customers with documents including a series of public guides and brochures.

Plans are in train for the Registered Land Ordinance and the Stamp Duty Ordinance under which the Land Registry operates to be amended in order to modernise practices and have them brought in line with best practices worldwide.

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