Land Registry Staff Directory

Ms. Brandie Anderson
Ms. Brandie AndersonRegistrar of
(649) 338-2352
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Ms. Tresha-Gay Ustanny
Ms. Tresha-Gay UstannyDeputy Registrar of Lands
(649) 338-2351
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Mrs. Naomi Been
Mrs. Naomi BeenAssistant Registrar of Lands
(649) 338-2353
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Ms. Kereitta Simpson
Ms. Kereitta SimpsonLand Registry
(649) 338-2355
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Ms. Darcel Williams
Ms. Darcel WilliamsLand Registry Clerk
Ms. Patrina Simmons
Ms. Patrina SimmonsLand Registry
(649) 338-2354
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Ms. Patsy Thompson-Williams
Ms. Patsy Thompson-WilliamsLand Registry
(649) 338-2357
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Ms. Micah Creese
Ms. Micah CreeseClerical
(649) 338-2358
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Land Registry Department
Land Registry Department
Land Division Building
South Wing
Pond Street, Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands