KERIETTA SIMPSON - Land Registry Clerk

Kereitta SimpsonMs. Simpson is employed as a Land Registry Clerk. Her duties are as follows:

  1. Handle all counter enquiries involving Land Registry matters;
  2. Supervise the inspection of the Register by clientele of the Land Registry in accordance with the Registered Land Ordinance and prescribed Land Registry practices;
  3. Receive and verify the proper execution of instruments submitted from registration in accordance with the Ordinance and prescribed Land Registry practices;
  4. Ensure that all registration fees and stamp duty in relation to instruments submitted for registration are computed correctly.
  5. Prepare all payments receipt vouchers for all payments to the Land Registry including sales of Crown Land Registration fees and Stamp Duty.
  6. Ensure that all registerable instruments are entered in the application book in accordance with ordinance and prescribed Land Registry practices, and to ensure the maintenance of that book.