Mapping matches your ideas and concerns with locations. This will help the team understand the most important places on your island that need to be either preserved or enhanced. You can also let us know areas of concern. This also will show us the most popular routes people take to the grocery, to work, to get around, etc. This mapping exercise will help us make a better experience for you.

Follow the instructions below to place your knowledge on the map.


General Rules:
  1. Clicking on the map below will take you to our WikiMapping website. ‍
  2. Please avoid marking items such as potholes in the road, lights that may be out in your neighborhood, etc. This is not a maintenance plan, and those items will need to be dealt with by other departments within the TCI Government. ‍
  3. The more descriptive you can be in your comments, the better an understanding the team will have. Please add as much information as you feel comfortable providing. ‍
  4. Routes shown can be general; We only want to know the neighborhoods and islands you go to and from. We do not need to know any more detail.
  5. You can add more than one route or point in the survey.
Ideas for Mapping:
  • This is my favorite park.
  • This is a slow intersection.
  • This area should be preserved.
  • I would like to see a ferry here.
  • There is a lot of traffic here.
  • There should be a new road here.
  • This is where I work.
  • A marina would work well here.
  • I wish there was a grocery store in this neighborhood.
  • We need a school here.
  • I would like to see a community center in this neighborhood.
  • I think a business should go here. ‍

Thank you for participating!

It's time to update the National Physical Development Plan! The NPDP will provide a 10-year plan for the future of preservation and development within the Turks and Caicos archipelago.